TropPops came about by our desire to create a healthy simple treat that would be fun and easy to eat. We wanted to keep it as pure and nutritious as possible but also be absolutely delicious and appealing to all ages.

It was pure serendipity that the fruits we chose to use are on the list of the "Clean Fifteen". Meaning they are among the most naturally uncontaminated fruits. We searched high and low for just the right chocolate, finally deciding on a very high quality dark couverture chocolate which was the perfect match for the fruit.

To make our pops an easy treat to eat we developed our proprietary cutting tools to create our trademark shapes. We took care to create shapes that were easy to bite into yet still generous in size.

Even our vending carts were designed with a healthy environment in mind. They are hand crafted wooden sailboats. They use no electricity, batteries or gas but maintain temperatures in an insulated container using reusable enclosed dry ice sheets which emit no gasses into the atmosphere.

All of which leaves you to enjoy a fun healthy treat guilt-free.